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Many firefighters have heard about being “combat ready” - but what does it really mean? Is it just another punchy catch phrase? Being “combat ready” is a cornerstone mindset that puts our duty to citizens, and other firefighters first. It is founded on the idea that we have no idea when our greatest challenge will come, and that when it does - we will only have what we’ve prepared for. 

Our attitude drives how we prepare, and how we prepare drives how we perform.  When complacency slips into firefighter habits and department operations the results can be tragic.

This 2-hour motivational training program will cover:

  • What is the “combat ready” mindset? What does it mean to have, or not have it?

  • Why does it really matter, and what are the real world impacts of not having it?

  • The causes and consequences of complacency in the fire service - taught through lessons learned and some very real-talk on the true causes of tragedies on the fireground.

Attendees will come away from this program with a gut-check on how they think about and approach the job, with a reignited passion to take themselves to the next level, and inspire others to do the same.


  • We'll cover portions of the full 8-hour program, discussing the core mindsets and practices behind implementing the “combat ready” mentality at the individual, company, and department levels.

  • An interactive QUESTION & ANSWER Session

This intense, interactive training seminar frankly discusses the attitudes and mindsets in today’s fire service and how they affect our ability to save lives and property, keep each other safe, and get the job DONE. We will discuss who we are here for, what we are expected to do for them, and the common preventable missteps that lead to fireground tragedies.


This program is highly personal and motivational and draws heavily on the instructor’s own experiences and tough lessons learned. It is the essential program to challenge mindsets, reenergize firefighters, lay the groundwork for an “excellence mindset,” and inspire passion in firefighters.



"Absolutely loved the content and the message your putting forth.  I think something like this has been a long time coming and a necessity unfortunately with the culture shift that is taking place in the Fire Service today.  Trying the implement this mindset in our department will be an uphill battle but as with most things in life, nothing worth fighting for is going to come easily.   


"OUTSTANDING. This course was exactly what I was looking for. I've been trying to get my company out of a long slump of complacency and laziness and Chief Nick Martin just hit a home run with this course.


I definitely recommend this course to anybody who is looking to change their mindset into a combat ready mindset.


"Incredible training.  Every firefighter should be take this course.  It is motivational, eye opening, and exactly on point.  Thank you.

"Pissed off for greatness! 

This is a must MUST watch.

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Presently a Battalion Chief with the City of Salisbury Fire Department in North Carolina, Nick previously served as the Chief of Training for the City of Columbia, South Carolina, and as a Lieutenant with the District of Columbia Fire Department. 


Nick's career began in 1994 in his hometown of Swarthmore, PA. Since then he's been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great, motivated firefighters who have taught him everything he knows. His passion is for firefighting excellence, driven by our uncompromisable responsibility for excellent service to our citizens.


Since 2010, Nick has been privileged to present at FDIC as a classroom presenter and hands-on instructor. Since 2004 he's traveled the country to share thoughts, learn from others, and see many different ways of firefighting operations. His degrees include a BS in Fire Science from the University of Maryland and an MS in Public Safety Management from Johns Hopkins University.

"With the help of some great friends and other talented instructors, I enjoy passing on the information, classroom and hands-on, that I have learned from my mentors and from good and bad experiences on the fire-ground. My goal is to pass on what was passed to me with the hopes that I can improve the skill and experiences of other firefighters."


- Nick Martin

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