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Classes are available in lengths from 90 min to multiple days and class sizes from tens to hundreds. Formats include keynote talks, interactive classroom, hands-on, and combined format programs. All content is customized to meet the needs & goals of the hosting department. Closed and open enrollment classes and fundraising programs are available.

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Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting

Departments must avoid impractical command practices that slow or hamper putting the fire out, but must also avoid a lack of strong command that fails to organize the incident and aggressively deploy crews to solve the problem. This program discusses best practices that incident commanders can use to maximize the capabilities of their firefighting forces.

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Tower Ladder Operations

This program will discuss
proper use of tower ladders in several fireground scenarios
including firefighter access, rescue of civilians or firefighters, elevated master streams, and technical rescue. This will include discussion of rear-mount and mid-mount devices and comparisons will also be drawn between tower ladders and straight aerials, contrasting the pro’s and con’s of each in the above situations.

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1st Alarm Strategy & Tactics

This program will discuss strategy and tactics for fires in single family dwellings, apartments, and commercial structures. We will focus on the differentiating factors between these structures and how differences in construction, occupancy, and other factors must influence firefighting operations.

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Combat Ready Firefighting

Our attitude is our choice and this intense, interactive discussion frankly discusses the attitudes and mindsets in today’s fire service and how they effect our ability to save lives and property, keep each other safe, and get the job DONE. We will focus on defining the Combat Ready mentality - discussing where we are, where we could be, and how to get there. Implemntation of this mindset at the individual, company, and department levels is discussed.

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The Engine & The Truck

We will discuss tactics, and skills for the two primary elements of firefighting - engine & truck operations. Equipment, apparatus, assignments, tactics and skills will be discussed  Street-smart integration of the modern "science" is covered. Take your company's operations to the next level!


Hands-On Training

Customized hands-on training programs are available in different length, class sizes, and for many topics, including:

  • Engine Company Operations

  • Truck Company Operations

  • Rapid Intervention Operations

  • Fireground Command

  • Aerial / Tower Operations

  • Ventilation

  • Forcible Entry



I am presently a Battalion Chief with the City of Salisbury Fire Department in North Carolina. Previously I served as the Chief of Training for the City of Columbia, South Carolina and as a Lieutenant with the District of Columbia Fire Department. My career began in 1994 in my hometown of Swarthmore, PA. Since then I have been privileged to be surrounded by great, motivated firefighters who have taught me everything I know. My passion is for firefighting excellence, driven by our uncompromisable responsibility for excellent service to our citizens.


Since 2010 I have been privileged to present at FDIC as a classroom presenter and hands-on instructor with the Truck Company Esssentials program. Since 2004 I have had the opportunity to travel the country and share thoughts, learn from others, and see many different ways of firefighting operations. I have received a BS in Fire Science from the University of Maryland and a MS in Public Safety Management from Johns Hopkins University.

With the help of some great friends and other talented instructors, I enjoy passing on the information, classroom and hands-on, that I have learned from my mentors and from good and bad experiences on the fireground. My goal is to pass on what was passed to me with the hopes that I can improve the skill and experiences of other firefighters.

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