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First Alarm Strategy & tactics

The most important decisions, are the first ones...


Key strategies and tactics that prepare you to act confidently, quickly and effectively during the “first SCBA cylinder” of firefighting. 

Tactics, mindsets, and actions for the "first SCBA cylinder" of the fire.

This interactive live training course will prepare both new and veteran firefighters to act confidently, quickly and effectively during the “first SCBA cylinder” at typical scenarios in our most common building types.


Drawing on real world experience, you’ll learn fireground proven strategies and tactics for fires in single-family dwellings, multiple-family dwellings, and commercial buildings. We will discuss the tactical options for the most common fire scenarios in these structures and outline decision making models for rapidly selecting the most appropriate engine and truck company operations at these fires.

Many training programs will discuss how to do things, but leave you unprepared for when to apply which skill for maximum success on the firegroundThe goal of this program is to develop and hone a methodical decision-making process that incident commanders and company officers can rely on to guide their initial actions at any structure fire.

This course utilizes incident studies from the instructor's own experience, real fireground video scenes, and a lot of motivation to ignite passion for the job. It is delivered from the perspective of street-smart firefighting, and provides proven mindsets, strategies, and tactics that can be implemented tonight to improve your fireground and stop the fire where you found it.


  • The top 14 actions that are critical to success on any fireground.

  • 5 key areas of tactical decision-making. We'll cover what tools are available to us in our engine and truck company arsenal and how to determine when each is most effective. 

  • Demonstrations of these decision-making models using real-world fire scenarios.


"Just completed this class. It was really informative and i got a lot out of it that I am looking forward to bringing back to my department. We are a 100% volunteer fire department and I think you touched on a lot of what I see after being with the department 15+ years. Keep up with these great instructional webinars and classes." 

— Lt., NY fire department

"The content was great, really useful stuff and also different from other tactics and strategy classes I've had in the past. I'm looking forward to the release of the full course and might even be first in line to grab it when you release it."

— Lt., MA fire department

"Your lecture was part of studying for a promotional interview that happened this past Monday.

Information that I picked up from your lecture helped me to form my responses on the strategy and tactics section of my interview.  I am happy to report that I was promoted to Lieutenant!


I wanted you to know that your programs are making an impact! Thank you again for doing what you do!"


— Newly promoted Lt.

Interested in registering multiple members of your department?


This program prepares both new and veteran firefighters and officers to make better decisions, more rapidly, to stop the fire and save lives.

It is delivered from the perspective of street-smart firefighting, and focuses on the instructors experiences and fireground proven skills and tactics. We aim to explain these concepts clearly and practically, and to deliver ideas and concepts that can be implemented immediately.


  • An easy-to-follow modular course format you can take all at once or in segments.

  • 4K video quality and professional audio.

  • Ability to access the program from any web-enabled device (phone, tablet, or computer).

  • Access to our online training community and exclusive live Q&A's.


Presently a Battalion Chief with the City of Salisbury Fire Department in North Carolina, Nick previously served as the Chief of Training for the City of Columbia, South Carolina, and as a Lieutenant with the District of Columbia Fire Department. 


Nick's career began in 1994 in his hometown of Swarthmore, PA. Since then he's been fortunate enough to be surrounded by great, motivated firefighters who have taught him everything he knows. His passion is for firefighting excellence, driven by our uncompromisable responsibility for excellent service to our citizens.


Since 2010, Nick has been privileged to present at FDIC as a classroom presenter and hands-on instructor. Since 2004 he's traveled the country to share thoughts, learn from others, and see many different ways of firefighting operations. His degrees include a BS in Fire Science from the University of Maryland and an MS in Public Safety Management from Johns Hopkins University.

"With the help of some great friends and other talented instructors, I enjoy passing on the information, classroom and hands-on, that I have learned from my mentors and from good and bad experiences on the fire-ground. My goal is to pass on what was passed to me with the hopes that I can improve the skill and experiences of other firefighters."

- Nick Martin

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