Online Courses.

Full courses delivered to your members - anytime, anywhere.

Sometimes it is not practical or possible to bring all your members together at one time and place to get good training - whether it is due to budget constraints, personal schedules, social distancing or other challenges. However this doesn't mean your department has to go without...

We are happy to offer on-line delivery of several full courses, including:

Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting

First Alarm Strategy & Tactics

Engine and Truck Company Operations

Why Choose Online Courses

  • All courses are delivered through our professional online training portal. Each of your members will receive an individual login to access their program(s) and track their progress.

  • Programs are split into easy-to-digest modules that can be watched back-to-back or just a few minutes here and there, when you have time.

  • Our portal is accessible 24/7 from any web-enabled phone, tablet, or computer.

  • Each program includes access for your members for 30-days, giving them plenty of time to watch and re-watch at their own pace (additional time lengths are available).

  • In person classes are always great, but a major benefit to the online format is that students have the unique ability go back and re-watch any section if they missed something or simply need to reference it again.

  • Avoid gaps in district coverage due to bringing everyone together at one time, and prevent your members from having to give up off-duty time with their families.

  • Reduce costs associated with instructor travel as well as any overtime associated with bringing in off-duty members.

  • And of course, there is the added health and safety benefit to avoiding a large gathering of people during the pandemic. 

Don't miss the benefits of being "live"!

Also included is a 2-hour LIVE program with your members. Our staff will review the highlights of the program, discuss applications to your department and operations, and answer questions from your members. Afterwards, we'll provide you with a recorded copy of your live event (additional live reviews are available if desired).

PREVIEW - Online Course Content Example