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Fire's in Mutli-Story MFD's - Command & Inside Truck Work

Join Floyd Wise (battalion chief, Harrisburg Bureau of Fire) and I for a dynamic conversation on this challenging fire scenario.

We'll be talking about fires in residential buildings 3+ stories in height. Fires at these buildings often come with one or more reports of "people trapped". These people may be in imminent peril, or in no danger and frightened.

In this episode we'll discuss the search and victims at these buildings and tactical considerations for the command officers and truck companies, along with some engine work.

We'll also discuss command operations at these fires. What can we do to best set ourselves up for success in the control and organization of these dynamic scenes?

Grab your popcorn, beverage of choice, and/or throw it up on the firehouse TV. If you're not already a member of the group, be sure to join the .

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