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Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting

Great firefighters deserve great commanders that effectively organize an incident and aggressively solve problems. This program eradicates impractical command that hinders the firefight, and gives you strategies to maximize your department's forces.

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NEW CLASS STARTING! Aggressive Command 10-Week Online Training COhOrt

Registration is now open! The next cohort class begins APRIL 8th

Don't miss your chance to join the next Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting training cohort starting APRIL 8th. This interactive cohort-style online training for incident command is a one-of-a-kind immersive training experience for officers and chiefs who want REAL incident command training and systems they can't get anywhere else.

The Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting program will give ICs a step-by-step process that is based on fireground proven, repeatable command practices and is delivered in a practical, engaging manner. Delivered over 10 weeks in a cohort-style online group training program, this is the ideal solution for departments and individuals with limited access to in-person training.  It is as close to in-person as you can get while being able to access the training from anywhere. 

Seats are limited to provide a valuable intimate learning experience. Click below to view the class schedule and learn more about what is included in this unique IC training program. 

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Incident command systems are often overdone or underdone. Cumbersome command practices that allow the building to burn down while command is “setup” are just as frustrating and problematic as the lack of strong direction and organization.

Departments must avoid impractical command that slows or hampers putting the fire out, but must also avoid a lack of strong command that fails to organize the incident and aggressively deploy crews to solve the problem.

We’ll cover best practices incident commanders can use to maximize the capabilities of their firefighting forces.

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Aggressive Firefighting Commanders

Combat Ready Fire Training instructors use decades of successes and failures at incidents to provide a methodical process that current and future incident commanders can use to manage incidents properly and aggressively.

Topics will be discussed with the goal of sharing actionable knowledge, processes, and systems that can be immediately applied to improve the practicality and success of your command system.

The Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting seminar is also available as a 4 or 8-hour online course which may be taken on it’s own, or in advance of our instructors arrival to maximize hands-on command simulations training time for your members.

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Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting

Is available in the following training formats

In-Person Seminars

Our in-person Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting training program is typically designed in 2 parts. 1 day (8 hours) of classroom seminar followed by 1-2 days (depending how many members you need to put through the training) of hands-on Command Simulations training (see Hands-On Training tab).

The classroom seminar portion is also available as a 4 or 8-hour online course that can be completed ahead of time, and can offer some cost savings and additional benefits. Learn more (link to group online section) or contact us.

This can also be customized by combining it with our other chief officer course, First Alarm Strategy and Tactics or by adding any of our other training program topics. When combined with the First Alarm Strategy and Tactics course, your officers and IC’s are getting a comprehensive training that pairs command and control with the strategies and tactics for your most common fire scenarios.

This is available as 2-4 days of classroom training with or without interactive scenario-based simulations.

Contact us to learn more and design the command program that is right for your department.

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Hands-On Training

The command simulations program is designed as a follow-up to the Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting 8-hour class, and focuses on real-world implementation of those concepts. Members will better achieve long-term knowledge by immediately applying and practicing what was learned in the classroom through multiple fireground simulations.

We also offer 4-hour seminar courses online which is a great option for departments looking to include more members in the classroom portion, plus maximize hands-on training time onsite.

This can also be customized by combining it with our other chief officer course, First Alarm Strategy and Tactics or by adding any of our other training program topics.

While there is not a limit to the classroom portion, the command simulations are ideal for around 30 people due to the hands-on nature of the simulations.

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Train On-Demand 

Our training programs are available for immediate on-demand access, so you can train when and where you want.

Perfect for individual firefighters who want to take their skill advancement into their own hands, or for departments looking for real fireground proven training their members can access anytime.

Learn more or start training now with free previews of all of our courses.

Train Online Now

You will get:

  • Fireground proven training
  • Real fireground videos & scenarios
  • Actionable tactics & strategies you can implement now
  • High quality 4K videos divided into easy-to-tackle modules (Watch all at once or in segments to come back to as you have time with 3 weeks of access to re-watch).
  • Certificate of completion & access to training community

Interested in signing up a group or department?

The Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting course is available as either a 4-hour or 8-hour online course. The 8-hour online course can be ideal for departments wanting to replace the first full day of our in-person command seminar with the online version that members can complete in advance.

How It Works

Your members will each be given access to our private online training portal with an individual login to complete the course at their own pace, allowing you to include more members at their convenience. Each course is filmed in 4K video quality with HD audio, and are divided into modules, with individual segments ranging from 2-20 minutes in length. Students can go through the program all at once or in segments, and can go back and rewatch individual modules if they wish.

What It Includes
  • 4 weeks access to complete each online training course
  • Access to a private online training community
  • Certificate of completion
  • Department leader will receive bi-weekly progress reports
  • Optional live Q&A session add-on - contact us for details

See below to learn about the Benefits of Online Training.

We offer bulk discounts for 10+ students as well as discounted training packages when you include additional training courses.

We also offer training packages that combine online courses with HOT. This can provide cost savings as well as allow your members to complete the classroom portion in advance to maximize hands-on training time with the instructors.

Live Q&A's
Live virtual training sessions customized to your departments needs.

These sessions are the ideal add-on to your department’s online training package. Your group would have a live session with our instructors to go over the key points of the course and discuss how the concepts might apply directly to your department or operations. This is a great opportunity to discuss any unique challenges you may be facing and to allow your members to ask any follow-up questions they have. A recording of the session is included.

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Hybrid In-Person & Online Custom Programs

Any of our training programs can be customized to meet your department’s needs.

Please contact us for department and group custom program inquiries.

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We offer:

  • Hybrid - in-person/online combined training packages. This allows for cost savings and the benefits of online training (link to that section), and it allows you to have members complete the seminar portion in advance to maximize hands-on training time with our instructors.
  • Custom-length in-person training seminars and Keynotes from 1 - 8 hours.
  • Custom live on-line training sessions specific to your department’s unique challenges
  • Consulting


Why Choose Online Training?

Include more of your members at their convenience

Eliminates overtime costs for attendees

Eliminate instructor travel fees

Complete in advance of Hands-on to maximize on-site training time

Track your members’ progress with biweekly progress reports

Class won’t conflict with district coverage or emergency calls

Eliminate any pandemic-related health/ safety precautions

Take advantage of discounts


What People Are Saying

Breaks down command into easily understood objectives to improve ability and confidence in running command in manner that supports rapid, offensive action. Program is designed for offensive fires but allows you to scale down for smaller fires or ramp up for that large, defensive fire.
Matthew Spangler|
As a new Lieutenant who this gives a solid understanding of the job of my Captains, and Deputy Chiefs, and the overall mission two layers above my head.
Mike King
Needed exactly this! Recently promoted to a Battalion Chief corps of 31+ year BC's. Old habits in this job die hard, as you know. So, being the 'new kid' coming in, obtaining information & mentorship has been difficult. This course help to fill that gap & was perfect for shoring me up in the areas that I know I am weak in. The same areas that many couldn't mentor me on simply because they just don't know. It was very reassuring to hear someone talk & think in the same way, with the same mindset, that I do about many things to include how Aggressive Command truly does support Aggressive Firefighting. Thank you for this! I need info on the full course.
Bo Butler
Thorough, well conducted, professional presentation, and most importantly easy to understand and grasp. 5 stars from this student.
Jonathan Campagna
Fantastic and passionate presentation, Chief! Thank you!
Robbie Smith
Great command common sense approach. Well thought out ideas that are easily grasped by the student.
Mike McDowell
Thank you for offering this in an online format! Very enjoyable and useful.
Christopher Chamberlain
Great program, I always walk away from your classes gaining knowledge and having some great conversations about tactics at our firehouse. Thanks for a great course!
Mike Creamer
Great Class!
Jason Tamosaitis

Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting

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