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Basement Fire Strategy & Tactics

Improve your decision-making and tactics-selection for fire attack, ventilation, searches, command, and special hazards.


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Combating Basement Fires

Basement fires are one of the most challenging and treacherous fires that firefighters face. Tragically, they continue to be one of the leading scenarios that result in firefighter injuries and deaths - often due to misunderstandings about building construction, fire behavior, and how we must adapt our strategies and tactics to these common but dangerous fires.

This specialty training course expands on the basement fires portion of our First Alarm Strategy & Tactics series. Here we are able to go more into depth on basement fires and best practices for combating them.


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Primary Considerations & Tactics

We’ll cover how to ensure we make the right decisions quickly by discussing construction features and considerations, size-up factors, and fire behavior issues. We will look at all these in terms of how they influence our primary tactics of controlling the fire, ventilating the structure, rescuing victims, and commanding the incident.


Characteristics and hazards of basement fires

Key size-up factors that indicate a fire in the basement.

How should we attack the fire? Fire control tactics and coordination of multiple attack lines for these fires.

Search considerations and tactics.

Forcible entry challenges related to basement fires 

Ventilation tactics & fire behavior considerations

Command & control principles

Basement Fire Strategy & Tactics

Is available in the following training formats

In-Person Seminars

The Basement Fire Strategy & Tactics  program builds upon the core concepts in our First Alarm Strategy and Tactics program and will help firefighters, company officers, and incident commanders operate more safely and effectively at these challenging and dangerous fires.

When delivered in-person, the Basement Fire program is recommended in one of the following ways:

  • As a stand-alone 2-hour seminar
  • Combined with any of our other classes for a custom 1-2 day in-person  training program
  • Or, as an online add-on to the First Alarm Strategy and Tactics program (or any of trainings)

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Hands-On Training

Our objective is to provide a fun, engaging, positive learning environment where each student receives individual attention and has the opportunity to openly engage the instructors with questions.

At the end of the program,  your members will have even greater skill and confidence to be able to safely and effectively execute on the fireground.

We also offer our seminar courses online which is a great option for departments looking to include more members in the classroom portion, plus maximize hands-on training time onsite.

If you are interested in a hands-on component to this course, please contact us and we will work with you to build a hands-on program to meet your department’s needs. 

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Train On-Demand 

Our training programs are available for immediate on-demand access, so you can train when and where you want.

Perfect for individual firefighters who want to take their skill advancement into their own hands, or for departments looking for real fireground proven training their members can access anytime.

Learn more or start training now with free previews of all of our courses.

Train Online Now

You will get:

  • Fireground proven training
  • Real fireground videos & scenarios
  • Actionable tactics & strategies you can implement now
  • High quality 4K videos divided into easy-to-tackle modules (Watch all at once or in segments to come back to as you have time with 3 weeks of access to re-watch).
  • Certificate of completion & access to training community

Interested in signing up a group or department?

We offer a robust online training experience through our online course portal. Your members will each be given an individual login to complete the course at their own pace from any location with an enabled device, allowing you to include more members at their convenience.

After completing this course, your members will come away with street-smart essentials and actionable skills as well as a consistent understanding of the important mindsets, skills, strategies and tactics to take them to a higher level of firefighting, not just as individuals – but as a team.

We offer bulk discounts for 10+ students as well as discounted training packages when you include additional training courses. 

We also offer combination training packages of online and HOT which can provide cost savings as well as allowing your department to complete the classroom portion in advance in order to maximize hands-on training time. 

Live Q&A's
Live virtual training sessions customized to your departments needs.

These sessions are the ideal add-on to your department’s online training package. Your group would have a live session with our instructors to go over the key points of the course and discuss how the concepts might apply directly to your department or operations. This is a great opportunity to discuss any unique challenges you may be facing and to allow your members to ask any follow-up questions they have. A recording of the session is included.

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Hybrid In-Person & Online Custom Programs

Any of our training programs can be customized to meet your department’s needs.

Please contact us for department and group custom program inquiries.

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We offer:

  • Hybrid - in-person/online combined training packages. This allows for cost savings and the benefits of online training (link to that section), and it allows you to have members complete the seminar portion in advance to maximize hands-on training time with our instructors.
  • Custom-length in-person training seminars and Keynotes from 1 - 8 hours.
  • Custom live on-line training sessions specific to your department’s unique challenges
  • Consulting


Why Choose Online Training?

Include more of your members at their convenience

Eliminates overtime costs for attendees

Eliminate instructor travel fees

Complete in advance of Hands-on to maximize on-site training time

Track your members’ progress with biweekly progress reports

Class won’t conflict with district coverage or emergency calls

Eliminate any pandemic-related health/ safety precautions

Take advantage of discounts


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EXCELLENT. Great course and very well broken down.
Shawn Seymour
Fantastic. Lots of good information and great topics
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Very good class and truly enjoyed it! Thanks!
Pete Decker IV
Thank you. Loved the course! Great work.
Joe Martin

Basement Fire Strategies & Tactics

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