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What's Your Department's Ventilation Culture?

We'll be diving into ventilation practices and cultures. Nick will be joined by Captains Bill Cunningham and Chris Ford from the Columbia, SC Fire Department, to talk about how departments tend to ventilate very differently based on the truck company culture.

Some departments are quick to cut the roof. Others avoid the roof but take the windows. Many do both. Some just place fans at the door. Some are fans of hydraulic ventilation, others are not.

After working in departments with significantly different ventilation cultures, it has been interesting to observe that the primary difference has been the truck company CULTURE more than the fires or buildings.

So, on this show we’ll be discussing the pro’s and con’s of these various ventilation tactics and how our departments operate. We'll talk about windows vs roofs vs fans - how our departments operate and why.  Plus, we'll get into some of the often overlooked science behind ventilation and how it impacts the effectiveness of these techniques.


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