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Online Training for Departments

It is now more accessible than ever to provide your personnel with high quality, engaging, real world training via online courses.  Whether you choose on-demand online courses, live online training sessions, or a mix of in-person and online training, your members will get the same street smart, actionable skills, strategies, and tactics that are rooted in decades of actual fireground experience.



Why Choose Online Training?

After completing the online courses, your members will come away with street-smart essentials and actionable skills as well as a consistent understanding of the important mindsets, skills, strategies, and tactics to take them to a higher level of firefighting, not just as individuals – but as a team. 


Include more of your members at their convenience.

Eliminates overtime costs for attendees.

Eliminate instructor travel fees.

Complete in advance of Hands-on to maximize on-site training time.

Track your members’ progress with biweekly progress reports.

Class won’t conflict with district coverage or emergency calls.

Students have a longer time with the material.

Take advantage of discounts.



Online Courses - On Demand

We offer a robust online training experience through our private online course portal. Our on-demand online courses are pre-recorded and consistently updated to provide the latest information delivered in a high quality and engaging format. With online courses students get:

  • Individual access to complete the course(s) at their own pace, track progress, and review material over a period of time. 
  • 2-6 hours of material (depending on the course) divided into shorter easy-to-digest modules, ranging from 2-20 minutes long. 
  • 4K video quality with HD audio that can be accessed from any internet capable phone, tablet, or computer. 
  • 4 weeks of access in which to complete each course, but this can be customized to your department needs. 
  • Certificate of completion. 

In addition, the department leader will receive bi-weekly reports to track everyone’s progress.

NEW 1-DAY GROUP ACCESS: We are now offering a highly discounted rate for departments that would rather their members gather at one time and watch the training as a group, instead of getting individual access. Please contact us for more information. 


If your department would like to focus on specific topics or challenges, or if you are interested in a live mini training on one of our training programs, we offer custom virtual training sessions to meet your needs. 

These online zoom-style video training sessions can range from 1-4 hours in length and can be scheduled all at once or on separate days (for  example a 4-hour custom live training might take place 2 hours at a time, on 2 separately scheduled days).  These are highly customizable - we can focus on a training topic from one of of the courses we offer or dive into a specific topic heavy on Q&A with your members. A recording of the session will be provided afterward. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 


These 90-minute Q&A sessions are the ideal add-on to your department’s online training package. Your group will have a live (zoom-style) session with our instructors to go over the key points of the online course and discuss how the concepts apply to your department or operations. This is a great opportunity to discuss any unique challenges you may be facing and to allow your members to ask any follow-up questions they have. A recording of the session will be provided afterward. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 


We are now making our training programs available in an online “group cohort” format that will run a few times a year. This is the ideal solution for departments and individuals with limited access to in-person training.  It is as close to in-person as you can get while being able to access the training from anywhere. 

The 2024 cohort schedule is being finalized now, so join our email list to be the first to find our when they open, as seats are limited.

As an example, the latest Cohort “Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting” is running for 10 weeks with a group of 40 students. Learn more about how it works and what is included here. 

These cohorts are a great way to either replace in-person training with an interactive, engaging online program, or to have members complete classroom training in advance of scheduling in-person or hands-on training with our instructors.

This format is much more robust and flexible for the students and can allow you to involve more members than may be available for an in-person training. It also allows us to deliver programs that are much longer in length than would often be practical to do in person.  

 These immersive training programs include:

  • 4-12 weeks of access to high quality online training classes.
  • Several Live Q&A sessions 
  • Participation in round table discussions where students get to actively see the practical application of class concepts. 
  • The unique opportunity to ask questions and discuss your department-specific challenges directly with the instructors and your peers.
  • Discussions, activities, and assignments that apply and reinforce the material over a longer period of time than a typical in-person training.
  • Valuable interaction with peers from around the country, with the ability to learn about and from other fire departments and operations.  Students will build a network of like-minded peers with access to an exclusive private community after the cohort ends.
  • Extra resources including recordings of the live sessions, links to case studies, training bulletins, and a certificate of completion.

How departments are using online courses

Our online courses are a great way to reduce costs, increase the number of members who can participate, and maximize on-site/hands-on training time.  



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